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When it comes to fire safety, storage can be as important as extinguishers themselves - ensure that your units are safe, secure, and kept at an appropriate temperature with a new extinguisher cabinet.


Butch Young Fire Equipment Incorporated in Stockton, CA offers the best selection of cabinet storage options and a host of accessories such as signage and hose racks.


Find a great price on your next extinguisher cabinet

We've been offering customers the best prices on fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher services, and storage for more than 60 years and to the Stockton area since 1977. Let us help you choose the right storage system for you - we offer return service for refills and maintenance!

Trust the team that's been serving Stockton since 1977:  209-464-6501

Offering everything you need for fire safety

 •  Fire extinguisher cabinets

 •  Brackets

 •  Signage

 •  Hose reels

 •  Hose racks

 •  New fire extinguishers

 •  Fire extinguishers for residential, commercial, and industrial use

 •  Class A, B, C, D, and K fire extinguishers